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Hand crafted in New York

Founded in 1899 by inventor, engineer, and tinkerer Harutun Bab Azadian, upon his arrival in New York City.  Azadian later moved to Syracuse, New York where he founded the Azadian Gage and Instrument Company and became one of the countries most outstanding watchmakers and innovative designers. Currently Azadian Custom Works is owned and operated by Thomas and Robert Cargen the Great Grandsons in collaboration with Henry and Michael Cargen the Grandsons of H.B. Azadian himself. Everything we make is crafted from hand selected materials to ensure each item is unique and one of a kind. Focusing on repurposed wood, metals and unique materials to achieve a level of uniqueness and authenticity not found anywhere else. We don't just build for the loving of building, we do it to satisfy our endless passion for bending wood and shaping metal.

 Each piece custom-made - Each piece unique.

Cutting & Serving Boards.

Good food and good eating are about risks.
— Anthony Bourdain

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knot boxes, keepsakes & flatware.

Ask about our custom counter tops. Each piece butcher block quality, thick hardy wood with elegant natural design. Any color or finish. GIve your kitchen a unique beautiful look. Counter tops are available for local installation and international shipping. 

Utensil Holder

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