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Founded in 1899 by inventor, engineer, and tinkerer Harutun Bab Azadian, upon his arrival in New York City.  Azadian later moved to Syracuse, New York where he founded the Azadian Gage and Instrument Company and became one of the countries most outstanding watchmakers and innovative designers. Currently Azadian Custom Works is owned and operated by Thomas and Robert Cargen the Great Grandsons in collaboration with Henry and Michael Cargen the Grandsons of H.B. Azadian himself. Everything we make is crafted from hand selected materials to ensure each item is unique and one of a kind. Focusing on repurposed wood, metals and unique materials to achieve a level of uniqueness and authenticity not found anywhere else. We don't just build for the loving of building, we do it to satisfy our endless passion for bending wood and shaping metal.

 Each piece custom-made - Each piece unique.


We do our very best to support the product we sell. Below you will find all of the support information necessary. Please contact us immediately if you have any problems with your product. If your situation is urgent, feel free to call our support line: +1 - 315 - 294 - 0511 

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Our logic is that, every single founders phone will beep and notify us to the problem. Calling is more than fine, but please understand. Because Azadian Custom Works is a small business in New York with a limited amount of employees we do observe normal business hours Mon- Fri  9-4pm. 




A prominent Armenian immigrant was watchmaker and inventor Harutun Bab Azadian, who arrived in Syracuse in 1899 and became one of the country’s outstanding instrument makers. Azadian was the son of a wealthy family in Constantinople who showed an early aptitude for technical skills and studied astronomy and mathematics and apprenticed as a watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland. He then studied art and engraving in Paris, and completed his education at the Polytechnicum in Stuttgart, Germany, before Azadian, his fiancé Akabi, and her friend Joanna Zimmer departed for Syracuse, where Joanna had a relative. After a year of engraving, illustration and lithography work, Azadian went to work at the Syracuse Improved Gauge Company, and in 1902, was granted a patent for his adjustable rack and pinion mechanism design. He opened his own business, the Azadian Gauge Manufacturing Company in 1909, where he employed many Armenians, in addition to other immigrants. Through his contract with Brown Company Industries, his company supplied parts for Henry Ford’s Model T.104 Azadian later rose to national prominence when he was appointed as technical advisor to Woodrow Wilson’s administration on the U.S. War Industries Board, along with Bernard Baruch, Thomas Edison, George Eastman, and Henry Ford.  

Harutun Bab Azadian

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Thomas , Robert, Henry & Michael Cargen, Grandsons of Harutun Bab Azadian.


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